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1 Department of Chemistry, College of Science for Women, University of Babylon, Hillah, Iraq

2 Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, Mazaya University College, Iraq

3 Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences, Maysan, Iraq

4 Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad, Iraq

5 Department of Medical Laboratories Technology, Al-Nisour University College, Baghdad, Iraq


Activated carbon (AC) as a source of normal plants (Cashew Nut Shell) were utilizing as the best, ecological and cost-effective adsorbent for removal of contaminants of Amoxillin (AMX) drug from aqueous solutions via sonicated. Adsorption thermodynamics and equilibrium isotherm of AMX drug onto AC-CNS. The data indicate that AC-CNS can be used as a low-cost substitute compared with commercial adsorbents removal of pollutants from aqueous solution. The effects of pH solution (2-10), initial concentration of AMX (10-100 mg/L), solution temperature (15-35 °C) and adsorbent dosage (0.01-0.1 g) on adsorption were evaluated. The structural and morphological properties of the AC-CNS were analyzed including FESEM, TEM and EDX. The non-linear model was conducted to determine thermodynamic parameters and equilibrium isotherms, where the result of equilibrium isotherm was fitted onto the Freundlich model. Freundlich suggested a determined multilayer adsorption efficiency (109.66 mg/g). The nonlinear models of thermodynamic factors appear to show that the adsorption was spontaneous (negative value of ∆G and positive value of ∆S) and endothermic (positive value of ∆H) at the same optimum conditions.

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Adsorption of Amoxillin Drug onto Activated Carbon Prepared from Cashew Nut shell by H3PO4 Activation: Studies on Equilibrium Isotherm by Nonlinear Equations


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